Month: April 2021

Ep. #543 – Like Justin said… It’s gonna be May. And so we’re unveiling the books we can’t wait to read this month. Books mentioned in this episode Madhouse at the End of the Earth by Julian Sancton The Ivies By Alexa Donne A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark The Plot by Jean […]

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Ep. #542 – Adam welcomes back Christina Henry to chat about her terrifying new novel, Near the Bone. The discuss the idea of showing the POV of a victim vs. a villain, how she writes characters instead of plots, and why the true terror of the unseen. Sponsors Fast Growing Trees – Visit for 15% off your […]

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Ep. #541 – Lately, a number of authors who have high profiles have been doing some less than awesome things online. We thought we’d address what to do, as a reader, when authors you’ve previously supported turn out to be not great human beings. We also discuss the concept of book reviews and how to […]

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Ep. #540 – Joan F. Smith joins Adam to discuss her new book The Half-Orphan’s Handbook. Their conversation ranges from how she coped with her father’s suicide, how they both use comedy to deal with tragedy, and how they both struggle to accept that how they feel is okay. They also discuss her job as […]

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