On today’s episode we’re diving into the books coming out in May we can’t wait to read! But first, Jill shares an incredible story about her newly adopted kitties. It’s must-listen content!

Books mentioned on today’s episode (recommendations start at 11:30 mark)

Hollywood Park by Mikel Jollett

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Officer Clemmons by Dr. François S. Clemmons

Katheryn Howard, the Scandalous Queen by Alison Weir

All Adults Here by Emma Straub

The Lincoln Conspiracy by Brad Meltzer & Josh Mensch

Happy and You Know It by Laura Hankin

More Than Love by Natasha Gregson Wagner

Goldilocks by Laura Lam

Who Ate the First Oyster? by Cody Cassidy

Forged in Fire and Stars by Andrea Robertson

The Mother Code by Carole Stivers

The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

The Library of Legends by Janie Chang

A Children’s Bible by Lydia Millet

Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella

The Book of V. by Anna Solomon


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