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On Today’s episode, Jill & Adam sit down with John Scalzi, one of the most prolific and success Science Fiction Writers of our time. John provides an introduction to his new book, The Collapsing Empire, and then explains what makes a good Sci-Fi story in his mind. John even provides some great “gateway” books for newcomers to […] Read more
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On today’s episode, Adam and Jill are joined by Christina, who tells us all about the titles included in this year’s Summer Read program. OverDrive Summer Read is an annual program designed to encourage K-12 students to keep reading all year long. The titles selected can supplement other summer reading programs and will offer free, […] Read more
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It’s National Library Week! As a library company, OverDrive knows the importance of libraries and as podcast hosts, we often ask our guest authors for their thoughts and memories about the importance of libraries as well.  For this episode, we pulled together some of our favorite quotes from past guests. They talk about getting their […] Read more
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On today’s episode, Adam interviews Omar El Akaad about his debut novel American War, which tells the story of a second American Civil War taking place 100 years in the future. Omar has spent his professional life covering news in places like Iraq, Egypt and Guantanamo Bay and uses his incredible view of the world to […] Read more
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