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Several of our co-workers absolutely adore Penny Reid and her Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series and suggested we interview her. After speaking with her for half an hour, Penny now has two new fans in both Adam and Jill. Penny is the first self-published author to be on the Professional Book Nerds podcast […] Read more
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On the 88th episode of the pod, Jill and Adam read through a few listener emails and offer book recommendations based on what you, the listener, has been reading. If you’d like some recommendations just email professionalbooknerds@overdrive.com with what you’re reading or follow us on Twitter!    We then dive into all the big books coming […] Read more
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In today’s episode we hear the first of several interviews Adam did authors at the American Library Association Midwinter Meetings. Adam sat down with Min Jin Lee, author of Pachinko, which comes out on February 7th. Min shared her experiences as an immigrant writer, writing about a separate group of immigrants as well as walked […] Read more
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Adam’s back from ALA Midwinter and brought with him the big list of 2017 Youth Media Award Winners and a whole bunch of advanced reader copies that the whole OverDrive office is excited to read.    Books mentioned in this episode Quiet Until The Thaw by Alexandra Fuller The Girl Who Drank the Moon by […] Read more
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