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It’s the last week of 2016 and for this final Monday of the year, Adam and Jill are back with another author interview! This time they spoke with Fleur McDonald, an Australian author known for her rural fiction.    If the holidays gifted you with a new eReader, iPad, tablet, etc., be sure to check […] Read more
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In today’s episode, Adam speaks with debut novelist Kathryn Barker, author of the award winning In the Skin of a Monster.    Say Hello! Find OverDrive on Facebook at OverDriveforLibraries and Twitter at @OverDriveLibs. Email us directly at feedback@overdrive.com     Music “Buddy” provided royalty free from www.bensound.com    Podcast Overview We’re not just book nerds: we’re professional book nerds and the staff librarians who work […] Read more
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On this episode, YA author Zoraida Cordova returns for a 2nd time to discuss Labyrinth Lost, the strange life authors lead being solitary writers and then social butterflies while promoting books and having fans while being fans of other authors. Adam and Zoraida spend some time chatting about the social media aspect of being a […] Read more
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It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for the Professional Book Nerds to reflect and discuss their favorite books of 2016. For this episode we brought back some of our previous guests and asked them to share their favorite titles. (And, because we all read so much, we let them come in […] Read more

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