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We’re still here, in our respective homes, dishing out reading recommendations for all the fellow book nerds of the world. Join us as we bring it back to the beginning of the #SocialDistance reading odyssey by having Andrea and Abbey join us to discuss what they’ve been reading these some 7 odd weeks. Books mentioned […]

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What has quickly become our new Thursday tradition is back as two new coworkers join us (Katie and Regis!) to do a round table of recommendations! Donate and help us find a cure for Blood Cancer: https://pages.lls.org/mwoy/noh/cle20/pbooknerds   Buy some Libby swag and support libraries: https://stores.inksoft.com/the_overdrive_store/shop/home   Today’s episode is sponsored by Literati. Use https://literati.com/probooknerds to get 25% off […]

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