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Ep. #496 – On today’s episode, Ryan La Sala is back and we’re doing it live! This took place on 11/10 and it was our fabulous Big Library Read live event in which Ryan answered audience questions and Jill and Ryan used Tarot to interpret some dreams. Things got wild. If you’d like to watch […]

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The latest Big Library Read author is the one and only Ryan La Sala! His book Reverie is a wild fantasy title that can be described as Inception meets The Magicians and also there is a Drag Queen Sorceress. Back in the before times of January, Adam sat down with Ryan in Philadelphia to chat […]

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On today’s episode, Adam sits down with Ryan La Sala in Philadelphia to discuss his sprawling fantasy novel┬áReverie,┬áthe vividness of his dreams, and how Ryan became the best person on Twitter. This was a BLAST. Today’s episode is sponsored by INDEED.COM. Post your job today at Indeed.com slash BOOKNERDS and get a free sponsored job […]

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